Flash Background Color Splash and Paint Splash plus Preloader

Flash Background Animation Paint Splash or Color Splash

I have finished up another cool item for sale on Activeden, its called Flash Background Color Splash and Preloader, and its a flash animation that allows you to add a splash of color (or paint splash) to any PNG / JPG / GIF image, logo, or MovieClip. This animation creates impressive effects for any visual element. There are several features to this file such as: 5 different Animations types, including ColorWheel, random, black to white, white to black, and random grey, you can easily target which movieclip to apply the effect to, and you can also easily change the size of the color splat animation. I included a drag and drop flash file for both a preloader and basic example in use, as well as an external class actionscript file, to easily implement on your own projects. An example of the class is like this:

var paintSplashInstance:paintSplash = new paintSplash(instancename, “colorWheel”, 8);

Let me know what you think.