Flash Background Creator

I have just uploaded another file for sale on ActiveDen, its called  Scalable Dynamic Flash Background Behind HTML and its a easy to use Flash background generator or creator. And it allows you to create an unlimited amount of different backgrounds for your websites. You can easily change the shape to allow you to can create a cool pattern or simply randomize the position of the shape. You can use the default color of the shape, or change the color to a single color, multiple colors that you can define, or random colors.  Display as many items as you want, You can also set the maximum size of the randomly created movieclips, change the blend mode, and you have the option to blur the items. The Flash background is transparent so any thing behind it could still be seen, and this file can be the background of any html file or the background to a specific div, it sits behind the html text and is transparent. It’s scales to fit the browser and it changes everytime the page is refreshed or revisited.  Its Easy to use, and setup instructions included in help file.