Look@Me Personal Training Website

Here is another website that I have done more recently.  I created it for a client, Roger Decker, who is a certified personal trainer and has some great ideas about in-home training.  He also wanted to be able to make updates and posts so I setup a WordPress blog for him as well.

I wanted to do something different with this site and learn something along the way. So I implemented a simple drag and drop method as well as a double-click resize method. (I know that’s nothing new in the flash community but for me it was a great learning experience). I also created a short tutorial before the site launches to explain the functionality. (Completion Date: 7/23/2008.)

Here it is, look@mePT.


Friday Mourning Website

Friday Mourning

I wanted to start archiving and showing off some of my work that I have done previously.  This site was for a band called Friday Mourning, and they started up at the college I went to.  Some of the guys in the band were my really close friends and the band was awesome.  This was my first flash site, and I thought it was pretty good at the time, but then the preloader took way to long.  So I had to redo it and break up all the individual pages into their own flash files and load them using the MovieClipLoader class.  It was a really good first lesson and from this point on, I loved Flash and all of its capabilities.

Here is the link, Friday Mourning.


Welcome to my Blog

Hi, I am Scott Rockers and welcome to my blog.  I will be using this as a place to store stuff, show off what I am currently working on, show some of my past work, and really anything else.  In time, as soon as I get some, I will be redesigning the template to this blog.