Flash Background Color Splash and Paint Splash plus Preloader

Flash Background Animation Paint Splash or Color Splash

I have finished up another cool item for sale on Activeden, its called Flash Background Color Splash and Preloader, and its a flash animation that allows you to add a splash of color (or paint splash) to any PNG / JPG / GIF image, logo, or MovieClip. This animation creates impressive effects for any visual element. There are several features to this file such as: 5 different Animations types, including ColorWheel, random, black to white, white to black, and random grey, you can easily target which movieclip to apply the effect to, and you can also easily change the size of the color splat animation. I included a drag and drop flash file for both a preloader and basic example in use, as well as an external class actionscript file, to easily implement on your own projects. An example of the class is like this:

var paintSplashInstance:paintSplash = new paintSplash(instancename, “colorWheel”, 8);

Let me know what you think.


RocFolio 3, Flash WordPress Portfolio Template

RocFolio 3 Flash and WordPress Integrated Portfolio Template
I have finished creating RocFolio 3 – Flash and WordPress Integrated Portfolio Template and its now for sale on activeden. This is the third version of Rocfolio, and it comes with tons of new features and a mobile version of the site that is automatically generated from the same setup files for the flash website.

If you need a portfolio or a great way to showcase work your work then this template is perfect for you. RocFolio3 automatically updates itself by getting the latest information or post from your wordpress feed or any other feed type so there is no need to constantly update files. If you don’t have a feed, a sample XML file is included that you can use. This template is very easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to customize all through XML. RocFolio 3 comes with a help file and 5 different themes.

Some of the main features includes: 5 Skins: Dark, Light, Bokeh, Animated Starfield, and Animated Light, or you can customize the look and feel of it very easily through the xml, it automatically generated Mobile Version of the site, it includes a contact Form with error checking and a music player with tons of its own features. It also has a navigation bar for going between different Feeds (or use sample xml files) or external links. You can includes your Social Media Navigation buttons in the footer. If you have a wordpress blog already just use your feed url and it automatically Updates as well as it automatically grabs the first image in the post to display. The template is fully customizable through 3 simple XML files and uses Tweener for smooth transitions. RocFolio 3 has a 3 Column layout with headers that have the ability to add your own image or swf file.

Here are some of the options you can change in the xml files to customize it for your own look.

  • Ability to change the logo
  • Ability to change the start up feed or xml file and change the number of items to display from the feed or xml file
  • Ability to turn on or off auto rotation of the items
  • Ability to change the time on each featured item
  • Ability to change the preloader color and project text color
  • Ability to show a background behind the project text
  • Ability to show a background behind the text columns
  • Ability to change the background color behind the project text and text columns
  • Ability to add your email address to work with the contact form
  • Ability to show or not show the contact button, music button, mute button, and full screen button
  • Ability to turn on or off the random letter effect on the text
  • Ability to change the background file image or swf file
  • Ability to change the background color behind the image or swf file

Here are some of the navigation settings and features that you can change.

  • You can add as many navigational items as you want and change the navigational item title
  • You can make the navigational items external links or use feeds to populate the slideshow area
  • Ability to change the number of items from each feed or xml file to display
  • Ability to change the text Color, text type and text size
  • Ability to add padding to the left side of the navigation and change the space between navigational items
  • Ability to show or not show the lines between navigational items and change the line color

Here are some of the music player settings and features

  • Add as many songs as you want to the music player
  • Auto scrolling feature if the size of the title is to large
  • Ability to play, pause, mute, or move forward or go back to next song
  • It displays album art, song title, artist name, and album name
  • Ability to turn on or off the auto start feature
  • Ability to change the background color, this also effects the background color of the contact form
  • Ability to change the outline color, this also effects the outline color of the contact form
  • Ability to change the hover color, screen color, text color and button color

Here are some of the external resources used:
Social Media Icon Pack
Function Free Icon Set
StarField Background Pattern by WebTreats
Bokeh Background Pattern by WebDesignHot
Animated Blocks Background Pattern by WebDesignHot

And here is the music used in the preview file:
Successful Business Venture by Tim McMorris
Speed Me Towards Fate by StuartFury
My Dream Loop by Leto

This version of Rocfolio is the best one yet, cya!

Origins XML Website – Flash and Mobile Website Template

I have finally finished up my first full Flash Template Website for sale on Activeden, and its called Origins XML Website – Flash and Mobile Website Template and its a Flash XML Website that also comes with a mobile version of the template. All you have to do is update one set of xml files and it completely generates a mobile version of the Flash website for you. Origins is the accumulation of all my best selling files remastered into one website with added functionality and features. This file was 6 months in the making and its really exciting to finally get it live.

Origins Flash Website is deep-linking for added SEO (allowing the user to go to particular pages by direct links), fully XML driven, and modularly built. Create as many pages as you want, and reuse as many modules as you need. From the main logo and footer text, to the main navigation icons, everything can be changed by simply editing the XML settings files, so no Flash knowledge is needed.

The mobile site uses php to gather its content so the preview is hosted on my site, view the Origins Mobile Website Now!


  • Fully Generated Mobile Website
  • Fully XML Driven
  • SWFAddress Deep Linking Menu (Added SEO )
  • 9 Page Modules (see examples and images below)
    • Simple Page Module
    • RocFolio 1 Page Module
    • RocFolio 2 Page Module
    • jQuery: PrettyPhoto LightBox Page Module (show images or movies, including YouTube, Vimeo, and QuickTime )
    • Piecemaker 2 Page Module
    • News Feed Ticker Page Module
    • Contact Form Page Module
    • Simple Link Module
    • Loading Swf Page Module
  • Full Music Player
  • Page Specific Backgrounds Images
  • Autostart Page Feature
  • Social Links Menu
  • PSD File of 48 Icons Ready for Use
  • PSD Website Template File
  • Detailed help file for installation and customization

Mobile Version Website

At the present time, Flash doesn’t run well on most hand-held devices. Heck, some devices don’t run it at all! To circumnavigate this, I decided to create a mobile version to accompany the Flash Website. It’s completely mobile-friendly and is created from all of the same XML config files used to create the Flash Site. This means there’s no need to update a ton of other files to create the site; Edit only one set of XML files to update both the Flash and Mobile versions of your site! The mobile website uses jQTouch which is a jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and other forward-thinking devices. View the Demo Here

Customizable Header Area

In the header section you can easily add your own logo image, and you can either display, hide, or just deactivate the music player altogether. All this is controlled through the XML config files.

Customizable Menu Area

In the menu section, you can easily add and remove as many menu items as you need. You can change the icon, text, text color, and text padding. Then easily assign each menu item to a particular module.

Customizable Footer Area

In the footer section you can easily add your own footer text, and include all of your own social media links with the associated icon.

Simple Page Module

The Simple Page Module is exactly that, a simple Page. You can change the image of the page we well as any text in the scrollable HTML text area. The text area supports changes in text size, color, hyper-links and images all formatted through HTML documentation.

About Page Module

The About Page Module is based off one of my best selling files called RocFolio. This module is perfect for an about page, staff page, or for anyone wanting to display their latest featured work. You can either populate the slides with a RSS feed (or any feed type), or use the sample XML file that’s included. If you use a feed, the content automatically updates when a post is made to that feed.

Portfolio Page Module

The Portfolio Page Module is based off my second version of RocFolio. This module is perfect for a portfolio page, feature page, services page, or products page. Similar to the About Page Module, you can either populate the slides with an RSS feed (or any feed type), or use the sample XML file that’s included. If you use a feed, the content automatically updates when a post is made to that feed. Also, this page module comes with three columns of editable text.

Piecemaker 2 Page Module

The Piecemaker 2 Page Module is built off the Piecemaker 2, a free 3D Flash image rotator gallery. This module is perfect for displaying any type of content including images, swf files, and videos. The Piecemaker 2 includes several new features including improved navigation, tooltips, animated shadows, and unlimited effects. The piecemaker module does not work with the cs3 version of the FLA .

Photos Page Module

The Photos Page Module uses the popular jquery lightbox clone called prettyPhoto. This module is perfect for an image gallery or slideshow. Each image gives you the option for an description field as well.

Videos Page Module

The Videos Page Module uses prettyPhoto just like the photos page module. But for this page module, you can add as many youtube, vimeo, or .MOV video files as you want. Each video gives you the option for a description field as well.

News Feed Page Module

The News Feed Page Module is another one of my best selling files called Flash News Feed Ticker and its compatible with all feed types (RSS and ATOM , directions included on how to handle these feed types). This module automatically grabs the first image in each feed post to display, and updates automatically. If you don’t want to use a feed then you can use the news feed sample XML file. You can easily change the colors, size and several other options all through the XML configuration file.

Link Module

The Link Module allows you to make the navigational item a link to anywhere you like.

Contact Page Module

The Contact Page Module allows you to setup a contact page with email validation already included. There are also two HTML text areas included on this module that are editable.

Music Player

The Musicplayer can be easily customized through an XML configuration file and you can change the colors and add as many songs as you like. The music player shows the song name, the artist name, the album name, and supports album art.

The Dreamy Spoon Website

Yesterday, I finished developing another website called The Dreamy Spoon. The Dreamy Spoon is a Self Served Frozen Desserts Store located in Maumelle , Arkansas and it a full flash website that also has a wordpress blog with it. This has to be one the most fun websites I have done in a while, partly because of the silliness of the design (which was done by Cody Scott of  Kinetic Media Solutions ). Some of the special things about the website are they it uses SWFAddress to increase SEO and add the ability to go straight to a specific page, as well as a custom MP3 music player, and all the animations were pretty cool too. The website includes everything from a flavors page, a contact page, and links to the social media websites.

One of the hardest things to code for the website was getting the stage to resize correctly when the user resizes the browser window, because the grassy hills had to stay at the bottom and the cloud background had to scale correctly.

To increase SEO, I created the The Dreamy Spoon Blog (made from WordPress) that the owner could add news posts and I also duplicated the flash pages  into wordpress pages and basically hide them from the user (meaning no actual links to them), but when I submit a sitemap to Google Web Mastertools I will include those links so they get indexed.

This might be the best flash website I have done so far and it was a lot of fun to work on, let me know what you guys think.


How to Detect Android and Redirect to Android Version Website


I have been posting redirect scripts for several devices such as the iphone and ipad, and I thought why not add android to the list. I own a android phone and I love it, and I have tested this script so I know it works. This code detects whether the person viewing your website is on a Android device. If they are on a Android phone, you can redirect them to a android version website or just to another page, its up to you. If they are on a normal computer it doesn’t redirect them and they go on as normal. Its just some simple javascript, and if you want to use it just change the “document.location” value to the url you want them redirected. Here is the code, and its just the same as when you detect for iPhone.

<script type="text/javascript"> // <![CDATA[
	if ( (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Android') != -1) ) {
		document.location = "http://www.yoururladdress.com/yourpage.html";
	} // ]]>