My Logo in Papervision3D and Flash

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been really busy with my new house and a baby on the way. I will definitely try to post more if I have any free time at all.

I recently created my logo in  3d space. I used a program called Blender to create a DAE file of it and I also rendered out the color map that I could edit and change the shading and color of the object. I put it up on my site for a couple of days and wasn’t very happy with the pixelation of the image and I really like a clean style so that’s why I took it off. So, I am putting in the blog because I wanted to show I could work with 3d modeling somewhat. The 3d  example and color map below.



WordPress Flash Design Template

For the past month or so I have been working with Patrick Segarel, who is also a web developer and designer. He had contacted me about working on a project with him, which was integrating WordPress as a Flash site’s CMS. We both want to be able to use  WordPress’ functions in Flash as a way to access the database information. I have posted about wanting to do this before and when the opportunity arose to work with a fellow developer I quickly said yes.

The first thing I had to do was set up a localhost server to be able to test on, so I used WAMP. The second thing was to download the Zend Framework and put it on my localhost, and make sure it was working properly.  Patrick had been working on this a little while before me so he had a file structure in place already that I needed to mimic, so he setup a SVN on googlecode, and I downloaded it and am in the process of setting it up on my end.  Setting up the work enviroment will probably take the longest to do but as soon as we get that done it will be a lot of fun, and I look forward to it. Patrick wanted me to design a layout for the site and I came up with what’s below. I was pretty happy with the outcome, and I think I might create non-flash based WordPress template from it to sell on



Updated Graphic with Particle Waves

I had a little extra time over the past week for  adding more to my logo. I wanted to achieve the look of waves moving behind it and after searching around for a while I came across Dan Gries‘s 3d Particle experiments on He had wrote some classes that I wanted to use so I emailed him, and to my surprise he actually emailed me back the next day. He seemed like a really nice guy and he  said I could use it for my personal site as long as I sited him for it, and that’s what I am doing right now.  I would also like to thank Dan for all the helpful words he gave me.

I did some editing to the source files to change the look of it so its more my style. For example, I created an array of the colors I wanted and passed it through the drawParticles function on the file. I choose the same colors that are in my design scheme for overall consistency on the website. With a little guidance from Dan I figured out how to rotate the particle borad by changing the arguments in the quaternion object, which changes the orientation and rotation of the particles in three dimensions. I had to find out online what variables to pass through the object to get the particle board flat, so it looked like it was eye level on the x-axis. Another thing I added was a  glow and drop shadow effect to the SR logo through actionscript.  Also, I disable several things such as the automatic rotation of the board and the mouse interaction that was initially in the files, and once everything was done I was pretty happy with the outcome.

The example on the left is Dan’s inital example of the particle waves and on the right is my rendition after all the changes.

dgparticlewaves1 srparticlewaves


Creation of

I got some big news! I am proud to announce that I have purchased my own site, I finally had enough time and money to buy the domain and I am happy that this time has come. I have been wanting to buy the url for a while now because I felt like I needed this to move forward with my personal and professional career. I mean look out there on the web, every big time web developer/designer or agency out there have their own internet address. Also, I felt like I needed access to my own mySQL databases to allow me to learn even more.

Today I had to transfer over my blog to the new website, and I didn’t have any big issues, which is great. I had previously been working on, which is my brother’s domain, and I am thankful he let me use it for so long.  The more I work with WordPress the more I love it, so I highly recommend it to anyone out there wanting to get started.

The  creation of this site is just the beginning of some of my personal goals, so I am pretty excited.