Health Savings Accounts Website

I have just finished redesigning and developing another website for DataPath. is an informational website about HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). The redesign image is on the left and how it looked before is on the right. I implemented CU3ER into the banner of the website where I created all the graphic and slides for it.  I also changed the navigation using some simple javascript  and CSS to handle it all. I think overall it looks cleaner and more up to date, and it’s easier to use, and the pages are lighter weight. Finally, I converted all the table formatting in the pages to use div’s.

To increase SEO of the site, we updated the text, added meta descriptions, added Google Analytics stat tracking, and I validated all the pages.

newhsasite oldhsasite


Photoshop Conference

Yesterday, I was able to attend a Photoshop Conference here in town. It was really useful, inspirational, and I learned a lot. There were two tracks, one basic and one advanced, so I decided to take the advanced track because I have been working with Photoshop for over 8 years now. Even with that much time with the program you can always learn more and even better ways of doing things. They started off teaching us the capabilities and reasons to use LAB color mode as well as CMYK compared to RGB color modes. Also, they spoke briefly about color theory and some advanced techniques. Then, they taught us about color correction, threshold, contrast, color curves and they really used layer masks a lot and taught us the correct way of doing things with them and channels. Overall I am really glad my company sent me and It was also really nice because I received 6 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) toward being Photoshop Certified.


Pro-Source Corp Website

I have finished another site for a client of DataPath. The company’s name is ProSource and they are a Professional Outsourcing Solutions Corporation. They are a Third Party Administrator located in Maryland and they handle benefit packages like COBRA, FSAs, and HRAs. There were some interesting things that I learned along the way with this site, as a work around because I couldn’t get access to do what I wanted. Firstly, they wanted a news and alerts section where they could just go on and add some news items, and they wouldn’t give me access to a database so I had to create a database from a XML document with ASP and XSL handling it on the pages. It was interesting to have to do and I was thinking about making a PHP version of it as well because it would be useful to have later on if anything came up again. Secondly, the people I worked with wouldn’t give me the SMTP information, so I couldn’t setup the email communication from the contact form and the Request for Proposal pages. So I found a website called Bexonsoft, which has a Free HTML Form to Email processor. The way it works is when a visitor submits a form on your website or blog, it is routed via their program to your email address. So you basically use their SMTP to transfer the mail to a certain email address. I thought this was a great work around and they also have a PHP version as well.  Other than those problems the site was pretty fun to make. Finished date: 7/1/09.



myPath to Wellness Website


Here is another site that I have finished while working at DataPath, its called myPath. We needed a site that catered to TPAs, Brokers, Employers, and Employees that demos My Wellchoice+ wellness system. I designed and developed the layout of the site from scratch and was very happy with the outcome.  Some special features  include an admin section where Brokers and TPAs can print reports of which employees and employers  actually used the site for tracking purposes. Also they can download customized marketing material that I had to create for them as well.