The Dreamy Spoon Website

Yesterday, I finished developing another website called The Dreamy Spoon. The Dreamy Spoon is a Self Served Frozen Desserts Store located in Maumelle , Arkansas and it a full flash website that also has a wordpress blog with it. This has to be one the most fun websites I have done in a while, partly because of the silliness of the design (which was done by Cody Scott of  Kinetic Media Solutions ). Some of the special things about the website are they it uses SWFAddress to increase SEO and add the ability to go straight to a specific page, as well as a custom MP3 music player, and all the animations were pretty cool too. The website includes everything from a flavors page, a contact page, and links to the social media websites.

One of the hardest things to code for the website was getting the stage to resize correctly when the user resizes the browser window, because the grassy hills had to stay at the bottom and the cloud background had to scale correctly.

To increase SEO, I created the The Dreamy Spoon Blog (made from WordPress) that the owner could add news posts and I also duplicated the flash pages  into wordpress pages and basically hide them from the user (meaning no actual links to them), but when I submit a sitemap to Google Web Mastertools I will include those links so they get indexed.

This might be the best flash website I have done so far and it was a lot of fun to work on, let me know what you guys think.


Mini RocPod – XML Flash Music MP3 Player

I have another file for sale on ActiveDen, its called Mini RocPod – XML Flash Music MP3 Player. Some of the special features of this flash mp3 player is that it is fully XML driven, it streams the mp3s, you can add unlimited amount of songs, it has auto start feature, you can auto hide the panels on start up or show them on start up, it can be easily added to actionscript3 files by just dragging and dropping. you can easily change the color of the music player through the xml, it displays album art, and it has 7 different background skins or art to choose from.  I used a lot of the same functionality as my first flash music player I creatd,  the RocPod – Flash and XML MP3 Player, but I wanted something that was a little more standard so I took out the circular scroll wheel volume controller and the ipod style menu. I still wanted to mix it up a bit so I added 7 different background arts and the hide-able panels  and appropriate settings in the xml for them. In the end I was really happy with the design.


RocPod, a Flash Music Player, Added to ActiveDen

I have finally finished the flash music player I have been working on for a while. There were a few goals I had in mind for this project.  I wanted the user to have the option to  change the color scheme as well as add songs to it easily. So I integrated a XML file for the flash file to read in from. I was pretty happy with the outcome. I had to go through a couple changes on it because initially it looked a little to close to an actual ipod. I did keep most of the functionality that I wanted, like the ipod like volume controller as well as a sectioned menu to break up the songs into Albums, Artists, and Genres too. Click on the image below to preview the item, if you want to purchase it, you can go to my ActiveDen Portfolio page and do that there.