The Dreamy Spoon Website

Yesterday, I finished developing another website called The Dreamy Spoon. The Dreamy Spoon is a Self Served Frozen Desserts Store located in Maumelle , Arkansas and it a full flash website that also has a wordpress blog with it. This has to be one the most fun websites I have done in a while, partly because of the silliness of the design (which was done by Cody Scott of  Kinetic Media Solutions ). Some of the special things about the website are they it uses SWFAddress to increase SEO and add the ability to go straight to a specific page, as well as a custom MP3 music player, and all the animations were pretty cool too. The website includes everything from a flavors page, a contact page, and links to the social media websites.

One of the hardest things to code for the website was getting the stage to resize correctly when the user resizes the browser window, because the grassy hills had to stay at the bottom and the cloud background had to scale correctly.

To increase SEO, I created the The Dreamy Spoon Blog (made from WordPress) that the owner could add news posts and I also duplicated the flash pages  into wordpress pages and basically hide them from the user (meaning no actual links to them), but when I submit a sitemap to Google Web Mastertools I will include those links so they get indexed.

This might be the best flash website I have done so far and it was a lot of fun to work on, let me know what you guys think.

Cya Website

I have finished up another website for a client of mine (my wife), designed for her blog called The blog chronicles the renovations and decorating of our house, some recipes, and stories associated with the raising of our family. I worked really closely with her on the design of the site and I think it came out really well. I developed it using the WordPress backend, so she could easily make posts to it and handle the whole site by herself. We focused a lot on search engine optimization and the site has had a really good start so far… she has over 15 followers already. There are tons of home design blogs out there and they are getting bigger all the time. If you are looking for a custom made blog template, contact me so we can discuss the details of the project.


Flash WordPress Template called RocFolio 2


I have just finished my second website template, it’s a Flash WordPress Template called RocFolio 2.  This Flash WordPress Template is perfect as a portfolio or if you want to display your latest featured work in a great way. If you use wordpress, then it automatically updates itself by getting the information from your wordpress site after you make new posts. If you don’t have a wordpress blog, a sample XML file is included that you can use. This template is very easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to customize all through XML . RocFolio 2 comes with a help file and 5 different themes. The different flash themes include a Dark, Light, Bokeh, Starfield, and Two-Tone version, or you can customize the look and feel of it very easily. Also, each templates include  a contact form with error checking, and a muic player with tons of features. This Flash WordPress Template includes navigation for going between multiple Feeds (or multiple sample xml files) or external links, and another navigational menu  that can be used as social media menu that has a special random letter hover effect. Like I have said before, if you use wordpress then it automically updates itself through the RSS feed of the site, and then it automatically grabs the first image in the post to display. This template can be customizable through 4 simple XML files, uses tweener for smooth transitions, and has a 3 column layout layout with headers that have the ability to add an image, use text, or both. There are tons of other features and options, and I hope you enjoy it.

RocFolio 2 is the second version of one of my best selling items on  First first version, RocFolio, is more geared towards being a Flash and WordPress Portfolio Template, because it can only take in a single RSS Feed, unlike RocFolio 2 where you can go between multiple rss feeds or wordpress categories.  Below is a preview image of RocFolio. It its not fully customizable by XML like RocFolio 2 is but its still really easy to use and setup through  Flash.



WordPress Flash Integration Portfolio Template called RocFolio


I have recently created a Flash template that is integrated with the WordPress backend. Click the image above to be redirected to the preview and see the flash file in action. I have added it to my activeDen Portfolio for sale. This Portfolio Template is perfect for anyone wanting to display their latest featured work. It automatically updates itself by getting the information from your wordpress RSS Feed (You can even link it to a particular Category).

I have talked about WordPress Flash Integration before in several tutorials showing you how to do it, here are links to those:
Update: WordPress and Flash Integration part I (AS2)
Update: WordPress and Flash Integration part II (AS3)
Update: WordPress and Flash Integration part III (AS3)

If you don’t have a wordpress blog, a sample XML file is included that you can use. This template is very easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to customize. Here are some of its’ features:

  • Includes 3 Skins: Dark, Light, and Colored. Or you can customize the look and feel of it very easily
  • Includes Contact Form with error checking
  • Resizes Automatically to fit any screen size
  • One click linking
  • Automatically Updates
  • No XML Required (unless you want to use the sample XML included)
  • Automatically Grabs the first image in the post to display
  • Uses Tweener for smooth transitions

External resources used in Template: Function Icon Set


Add .html to WordPress Pages

Have you ever needed to add .html to WordPress pages? I know I did, and I found a cool plugin created by IntroSites that does this for any WordPress created page. Its a simple idea but very useful especially for the project I am currently working on. I wanted to write a quick post about it and kudos to them for making it.